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My View on Relationships

My perspective is based on empathy, attachment and feeling "felt."


I believe that each person in a relationship can be satisfied when his/her partner meets the basic needs of safety and security.  In couples therapy, each person has already had a lifetime of experiences, wants, desires, hurts and disappointments that have shaped how s/he views new relationships and the expectations for the relationships. Based on this belief, I help couples uncover the latent underlying messages that are being triggered in present interactions with loved ones. I use my additional training in Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy (EFT) to enhance my Master of Marriage and Family Therapy from Mercer University School of Medicine and guide the process towards safer, happier relationships.


I am convinced that couples who are struggling with connection can have deeper, more nourishing bonds through empathetic listening and consideration for underlying emotional needs. Currently, I have reached advanced level in the EFT model while continuing my quest to help those who want to preserve their relationships. 


My interests also include shame, guilt and grief and how these relate to perception and attachment needs.

Working with many populations and ethnicities enriches me as a therapist. All are welcome with out judgement; only a desire to provide tools for you to be your best self.

Couples Counseling Appointment
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